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Excellence in Patient Care


Oakura Medical has on day acute appointments to provide you and your family with access to on the day appointments for your last urgent health needs and injuries. Save yourself the time and hassle of going into town by contacting us today. We can deal with most acute health concerns or facilitate a efficient secondary assessment if required. 

Click the link below to get in touch for your acute health needs.



With three accredited Skin Cancer doctors and affiliation with MoleMap Taranaki We have all your skin cancer concerns covered. As a accredited provider we are covered under all major health providers for skin reviews, surgical and medical care. 

If you have a spot you are concerned about please contact us today for a spot check. 

If you need a comprehensive skin check or MoleMap contact Skin on Forty-Five today.  

Dermatologist at Work


With a team of experienced General Practitioners and access to multiple funding streams we can offer a wide range of women's health consultations and procedures at reasonable prices in a professional and confidential setting.

Our Services Include:

- Free Sexual Health consults <25yrs

- Free Mirena/Copper IUD insertion

- Free Depot administration

- Menopause Hormone Therapy Consultations

- Fertility Consultations 

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We understand it can be a hassle going the whole way into town and waiting around for bloods and other tests so we offer this on site in Oakura. For a small fee we will perform lab testing at your convenience, arrange interpretation and follow up if you have any questions or have results that need addressing.

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Doctor with Files


With access to the latest advanced remote investigation tools and specialist reporting software we can provide you timely and accurate investigation of you health concerns.

Investigations Available:

- Events recorder 

- Spirometry / Lung Function tests

- Pulse Oximetry /  Sleep studies

- Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Dr Anderson has worked treating Varicose Veins for over 25 years and is now providing the accredited Varicose Veins through Skin on Forty-Five.

With access to the Gold Standard Radio-Frequency Ablation and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy tools your Veins can be treated in a minimally invasive day procedure allowing you to get back to your activities with little to no down time. 

Contact us today for additional information.   

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